Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to start earning money?

As soon as you put our codes on your website. Reporting is in real-time.

When do I get paid?

Payment terms are net-35.

How do I change my payment information?

You can change PayPal info in your profile. You should contact your account manager with any sensitive information.

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I earn?

You must follow your local tax laws.


Are my stats reflected in real time?

For all intents and purposes, yes; they're updated every 10 minutes.

What is a good placement for the ads?

It all depends on your content and ad placements. Note that our ads should be placed above the fold and around content.

How do I keep from getting terminated?

Grounds for termination include, but are not limited to: pornographic material, explicit material, and falsifying information.

Can I sign up for more than one account?

No. If you wish to use multiple sites, you may add multiple domains to your existing account and they will be added for approval.

How do I change my email address or password?

You can change your info in your profile when you log in.

What are the site requirements for Bandsintown Amplified?

We only approve high quality sites related to music. Your ad inventory must be above the fold. We do not accept pornographic/explicit material, illegal mp3 sites, or sites promoting violence, drugs, or alcohol.

Where can I put Bandsintown Amplified ads on my site?

You can place Bandsintown Amplified ads across all pages on your site. Please note that we only accept above the fold placements unless you receive written permission to place them below the fold.

Is there a limit to how many ads I can place per web page?

Yes, you can place 3 banner ad units + 1 Flex. The 3 banner units can't be multiple of the same unit (ie. can't be two 300x250s). For the purpose of this limit, we consider the following units (300x250, 336x280, 300x600) to be same type. Meaning, you may not install any combination of them on the same page.


Why are ads not appearing on my site?

Have you modified our code? If so, that's likely the problem. If not, we may not have put ads into circulation in your ad units yet. You can contact your account manager for details.

I tried joining a week ago but I haven't received a reply. What do I do?

Applications are reviewed daily and you should receive an email of acceptance or rejected within 24 business hours of applying. If you don't receive a response after 48 business hours, you can contact us.

Why can't I log in?

You may have been rejected or suspended. Otherwise, did you forget your password?